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Doran Larson
Doran Larson

Larson Edits Special Journal Issue

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Posted May 28, 2014
Tags Creative Writing Digital Humanities Initiative Doran Larson Faculty Literature and Creative Writing Prison Writing

Professor of English and Creative Writing Doran Larson edited a special issue of the legal-studies journal Studies in Law, Politics and Society.

The issue, titled “The Beautiful Prison,” includes essays by incarcerated Americans, prison critics and prison teachers attempting to imagine what the U.S. prison would look like if transformed into a socially constructive institution. It was published by the Emerald Publishing Group (United Kingdom).

In addition, Larson was part of a panel titled “The End of Prisons” on May 1-2 at the Institute for the Future symposium in San Jose, Calif.

On May 5, he spoke to men inside a Missouri prison about the edited collection Fourth City: Essays from the Prison in America and the American Prison Writing Archive, a Digital Humanities Initiative (DHi) project.


Good for us as an institution that we have someone interested in this field, given that the US is the world title-holder for both greatest number of prisoners AND I think, greatest number of prisoners per capita. Probably "greatest number of for-profit privatized prisons, as well, a sure sign of massive failure in the Preamble Department (We the People of the United States, in order to ... (2) establish Justice ..., do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America). The Preamble is my Quixotic Campaign Cupola for Congress (5th CD, Mass).