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Scott Kretchmar

NCAA Champion Magazine Highlights Hamilton Athletics

By Vige Barrie
Posted January 18, 2011
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The winter issue of Champion Magazine, the official magazine of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), published an opinion piece titled “Are educational and institutional values at odds?” in which Hamilton’s athletic program was highlighted. Scott Kretchmar, the author of the piece, referenced the college as an example of an institution that promotes “educational values related to participation over institutional values tethered to big-game weekends.”


A professor of exercise and sports science at Penn State University, Kretchmar spoke on campus last spring at the invitation of Robert Simon, the Marjorie and Robert W. McEwen Professor of Philosophy. One of the most highly regarded and most influential theorists in the area of philosophy and ethics of sport, Kretchmar leads the NCAA Scholarly Forum on Intercollegiate Sports.