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Ramunas Rozgys '09 Interning at Archery Capital

By Lisbeth Redfield
Posted August 15, 2007
Archery Capital, a fund of funds based in New York City, was also a fund for Hamilton students this summer. The office was home for three Hamiltonians: Timothy Foley '06, Xiaobo Ma '09, and Ramunas Rozgys '09 (Naujoji Akmene, Lithuania). Rozgys, whose responsibilities were fluid and varied, enjoyed the environment. "It's like a small family group," he said.

Rozgys is one of more than 20 Hamiltonians who received College funding to conduct a summer internship. Work experience is becoming more and more necessary for college students, but many opportunities are unpaid and require students to fund their own housing and living expenses as well as working for free.

Thanks to alumni and parent donations, Hamilton students can apply for funding to support them while they work in a field of interest with an organization that cannot pay them. Though Rozgys works in an unpaid internship, he received a stipend from Hamilton's Joseph F. Anderson Internship Fund, given in honor of a 1944 Hamilton graduate who served the college for 18 years as vice president for communications and development. The fund in his name provides individual stipends to support full-time internships for students wishing to expand their educational horizons in preparation for potential careers after graduation.

During his summer, Rozgys did research on potential investors with Archery. He also worked on expense reports and larger projects such as presentations. "I'm sort of an assistant," he explained, adding that his boss tended to give him projects that covered a wide range of different topics, from rating companies to reading a 412 page book on hedge funds. He has also worked with the chief financial officer at Archery, working with detailed accounting information.

Rozgys praised Archery as a wonderful place to work, and emphasized the kindness of the employees, who were always willing to answer questions, and of his manager who took the time to introduce herself and have a long chat with her new intern. "People are so willing to teach me," Rozgys said. "That was the part that surprised me the most." He was not quite so thrilled with his high learning curve on Excel, which he had to pick up on the job, but Archery is for Rozgys "a nice place to work."

Rozgys came to the internship "for something to do," and steered by advice from the James L. Ferguson Professor of Economics, Erol Balkan. Although finance is infamous as a high-stress field when it comes to getting internships, Rozgys' path was smooth. "I joked a little," he said of his interview. "And I'm not afraid to talk to people."

On campus, Rozgys is a member of the Brothers Organization, a member of the varsity basketball team, and involved with the HEOP program, for which he tutored last summer. A philosophy major and economics minor, Rozgys is considering pursuing a business degree after he graduates, with an eventual career in finance. He hopes to work in asset management, either in the U.S. or in his native Lithuania.

-- by Lisbeth Redfield


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