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First Place: 'Lionness at Sunset' by Calvin Johnson '10 PHOTO: CALVIN JOHNSON '10 PHOTO: CALVIN JOHNSON '10
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Through Students' Eyes

World View Photo Contest

Posted March 5, 2010
Tags Study Abroad
Six students are honored for their photography abroad in the College’s fourth annual Worldview Contest.

First Place
First Place: Calvin Johnson '10
Title: Lioness at Sunset
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Second Place
Second Place: Andrea Weinfurter '10
Title: Samoan Climbing for Coconuts
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Third Place
Third Place: Natalie De Boursac '11
Title: Photo of Victoria Harbor during Hong Kong East Asian Game's opening ceremony
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First Honorable Mention
First Honorable Mention: Shu Yi "Grace" Liew '12
Title: Pangong Lake Child
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Second Honorable Mention
Second Honorable Mention: Michael Bethoney '11
Title: Hadzabe (hunter-gatherers) and myself
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Third Honorable Mention
Third Honorable Mention: Nina Connors '10
Title: Moroccan Children
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