Werner Participates in Panel Discussion at McGill - Hamilton College
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Rick Werner

Werner Participates in Panel Discussion at McGill

By Rick Werner, Philosophy
Posted November 8, 2010
Tags Philosophy Rick Werner

Rick Werner, the John Stewart Kennedy Professor of Philosophy, spoke at Author Meets Critics: a panel discussion of the newly released 2nd ed.  of Duane Cady’s From Warism to Pacifism at "The Obama Years: War, Peace, and Environmental Stability," at McGill University, Montreal, on Oct. 29-30.


Werner noted Cady’s distinction between absolute pacifism (Cady plausibly argues that not even Gandhi or King held the view) and various forms of conditional pacifism: that the burden of proof is on those who would wage war and that it is a difficult burden that is rarely met in the actual world because of the disproportionate number of innocents (e.g., children) knowingly killed in modern wars (e.g., Vietnam, Iraq, or Afghanistan).


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