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Zinc Fingers: Poems A to Z

University of Pittsburgh Press

By Peter Meinke
Posted January 1, 2000
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In Peter Meinke's eleventh collection, he writes poems of humor and sadness. His poems speak truth with the self-assurance of a man willing to laugh at himself and, by extension, he invites us to laugh at ourselves as well.


"Zinc Fingers is Peter Meinke's solid voice at its most recklessly passionate pitch, framed by the eloquent syntax of its silences. Many of these poems have the glow of youth in them, and it is never a pose. . . . There is something genuinely childlike yet profoundly philosophical about his approach to the many faces of language-like a mathematician counting on his fingers as he solves the ultimate problem."
-Dionisio D. Martínez

"Thank God for Peter Meinke's voice of literary sanity, for these poems of a lovable, beleaguered man trying to make sense of a difficult world."-Edward Field

"That he can remain so accessible and still maintain his masterful command of formal poetic structure and complexity is his real strength and has earned him his honored position among American poets today. . . . Readers and lovers of language will delight in this book, but it could easily make a reader and lover of language out of anyone."
-The Tampa Tribune

"Meinke is the Alex Rodriguez of contemporary poets, i.e. the complete package. He can write in classical forms - sonnets, villanelles, sestinas - blank verse, free verse, even a concrete poem here and there. Meinke is the most human of poets. His love poems are never blind to the pain of loss, his poems about the humor of daily life always contain a little nod to the heartbreak of living."-Bookselling This Week


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