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Amy Lindner
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Hamilton Alliance for Nonprofit Strategic Advancement


The mission of the Hamilton Alliance for Nonprofit Strategic Advancement (HANSA) is to prepare students for success in nonprofit leadership roles, improve town-gown relations in tangible ways, provide local nonprofit agencies with hands-on trained and mentored administrative/management support, and create a feeder program for nonprofit management degree programs, filling a documented need for leadership in the national nonprofit sector.

William Billiter and Amy Lindner will oversee, supervise, train, mentor and consult with student fellows. These students will be placed in a local nonprofit organization, working directly with the senior management of the organization on a discrete project (strategic planning, marketing, fundraising, idea development, program evaluation). The application and interview process evaluates for leadership potential, demonstrated commitment to community service, interest in pursuing graduate education in nonprofit management, and career aspirations.

Each semester we will place a Fellow with a partner agency, begin active mentorship phase, and continue consultation with senior management of the sponsor agencies. Fellows will be expected to work 10 hours each week with their agency during the semester-long appointment.

The hoped for end product will be a body of work (strategic plan, fundraising proposals, etc) and on-the-job experiences that student Fellows can use to create a portfolio for graduate school admission. 

We will work with partner agencies and student Fellows to create venues for enhancing town-gown relations (through the media, through poster sessions, through public talks, etc).