Off-Campus Study

World View Photo Contest - Fall 2009

Third Place: Natalie De Boursac '11

Photo of Victoria Harbor during Hong Kong East Asian Game's opening ceremony
Photo: Natalie De Boursac '11

About the Photo:
This is a photo taken from my home in Hong Kong during the opening ceremony of the East Asian Games that Hong Kong hosted December 2009. This picture was taken from the Kowloon side looking onto the Central side across the famous Victoria Harbor.

The East Asian games, much like the Olympics for the west, bring much prestige to the host nation. This was the first time that Hong Kong hosted the event since Hong Kong became a member of China in 1999. This event was symbolic as it was a means to demonstrate Hong Kong's national pride within the region and itself as a strong independent union as China's partner. It also served as a means to display to the rest of the world Hong Kong's authority as well as to reassure its citizen's during a tough economic period. Much of the media focused on Hong Kong's affluence and targeted the West's reluctance and inability to spend.

Fireworks accompanied the dragon boats seen in this picture, as did a light show and days of parades and festivities. Millions and millions of dollars was used to show the world Hong Kong's presence, independence and strength with which it regards itself. This was the states opportunity to re-introduce itself.

This photo features many of Hong Kong's finest buildings and displays its award winning, world-famous architectural feats which are highlighted through the lightshow and building illuminations. — Natalie De Boursac '11