Off-Campus Study

World View Photo Contest - Fall 2009

First Honorable Mention: Shu Yi "Grace" Liew '12

Pangong Lake Child
Pangong Lake Child
Photo: Shu Yi "Grace" Liew '12

About the Photo:
A sunburnt Tibetan child distracted by the camera while shepherding a herd of pashmina goats with his brother and mother. His eyes water from the biting wind that gushes even in the summer. Life at Pangong Lake, a 134-km long salt water lake that sits atop the Himalayas at 14,300 ft, is freezing, simple, and unbelievably quiet. Summers are when vegetation grows sparsely around the lake, and the natives shepherd cattle, gather and store yak manure as fuel, and prepare food in abundance to prepare for the 6-month long winters, during which temperatures could drop to -35F. — Shu Yi "Grace" Liew '12