Institutional Research and Assessment

Office of Institutional Research and Assessment
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The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment is responsible for collecting, organizing, analyzing and reporting historical and current data about Hamilton College and peer institutions to support college planning, assessment, and overall effectiveness.  The office also participates in the Higher Education Data Sharing (HEDS) Consortium and is a member of the New York Six Liberal Arts Consortium.


Current Projects & Activities

As a new group of first-year students prepares to arrive on campus, we are preparing for their arrival with two upcoming surveys that will launch in mid-Summer and early-Fall:

  • In early July, first-years in the Class of 2019 will be invited to participate in the Higher Education Research Institute's CIRP Freshman Survey. This data will help us gain a more comprehensive view of the changing character of first-years at Hamilton. First-year students should look for e-mail invitations from this office (Office of Institutional Research and Assessment) in the first full week of July.
  • As the Fall semester gets under way, first-year students should also look for an invitation to the Interfaith Diversity Experiences & Attitudes Longitudinal Survey (IDEALS). Administered by the Interfaith Youth Core, this survey "seeks to better understand students encounters with religious, spiritual, and worldview diversity..." First-years should look for e-mail invitations from the IDEAL team near the start of the semester.

To see some of the other OIR projects and activities in which we participate, please click here.

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