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Print Shop
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How Much Lead Time is Required?

Copy Jobs: Minimum lead time of 24 hours. While most copy jobs can be done in 24 hours, some require extra time and care (jobs that need typesetting and/or design, folding or booklet making).

Print Jobs: If your job needs to be printed (books, large quantities, jobs with colored inks), we recommend ordering two weeks in advance in case we have to order paper or ink. Please call us, we'll be happy to check our supplies and scheduling for you!

How Do I Place An Order?

It's easy – just fill out a Copy/Printing Request Form, bring in your copy and pick out your paper. That's it! The form is available online, at the Print Shop or from your office assistant.

You can e-mail your files to us a printshop@hamilton.edu. Include all necessary information – number of originals, quantity requested, color and size of paper, one or two-sided, finishing (folding, stapling, etc.). Be sure to include your account number.

For large files: use the "Print Shop Drop Box" on the ESS server (employees only).
Mac users:  connect to the ESS server using your account and connect to "Campus" share and then go to the Print Shop Drop box to drop off your file.
PC users: go to the "P drive" under "My Computer" and scroll down to the "Print Shop Drop Box" to drop off your file. Individual students do not have access to the drop box. Note: Because the server is Windows, all files must have an extension on the name. (Example: Quark files must have .qxp).

What Types of Files Should I Submit?

Bring in hard copy, files on CD's or Thumb Drives, or email files. Files in PDF form are ideal, but we also have common programs like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, InDesign, Quark, Photoshop, etc. When sending your work, always include a folder with fonts, pictures and your work order. If you are in doubt, give us a call x4627.  Send a sample of the job when possible.

How Do I Ensure Good Quality Prints?

  • Good black copy, on white stock is preferred.
  • One-sided copy is preferable.
  • Signatures, initials, etc. should be in black ballpoint pen (not felt tip).
  • Clean copy, no scotch tape over image area and no paste-ups, if possible.
  • Use white out to clean up all dirty areas.
  • All originals must be the same size.
  • When reordering a job, send us the originals.
  • All pages must be in proper order and facing the same direction.
  • Send a sample of the job when possible.