Recycling at Hamilton

Recycling at Hamilton

Tour of Recycling at Hamilton

Step 1: Point of Origin Sorting Step 2: Collection by Physical Plant Step 3: Oneida-Herkimer and Beyond

Step 3: Oneida-Herkimer and Beyond

The Oneida-Herkimer Solid Waste Authority (OHSWA) manages the entire waste stream of both Oneida and Herkimer counties.  Nearly every day a truck from Hamilton brings loads of waste to the plant in Utica. All garbage from this plant is shipped to the High Acres landfill near Rochester, NY, while all recyclables are processed on site.

Loads of plastic containers, paper group, glass and garbage are dumped in designated areas within the facility.  Garbage remains separate, but all other material is brought up two conveyors and further filtered for unrecyclable material.

Glass, metal, and paper are cleaned of garbage by hand.  Glass and metal are sorted into large blue dumpsters.  Paper and plastic are separated by type and bundled using an enormous ram-rod press. 





After completely separating and packaging recyclables OHSWA is able to sell this material to companies who produce products from recycled materials.  OHSWA receives no tax money to fund their operations and uses the sale of recyclables to maintain and expand their operations.  This allows OHSWA to provide a variety of services.

A smaller convienience station allows residents to bring carloads of materials to a separate, smaller location.  In addition, OHSWA collects paints, pesticides, fuels such as propane, lubricants like motor oil, old antifreeze, and other harmful liquid chemicals.

OHSWA collects tires to reclaim metal and refineable oil, refrigerators for frion coolant, and computers for gold, non-precious metals, plastic, and glass.  OHSWA takes hard cover books and even sneakers as part of Nike's reuse-a-shoe program.

OHSWA also has an extensive organic waste program.  The Authority collects and cultivates multiple acres of compost year-round and markets it to the community for ten dollars per pickup truck load. 

Materials sorted at the Oneida-Herkimer Solid Waste Authority are sent to factories, where new materials are manufactured, or to landfills for deposition.  The OHSWA gives communities like Hamilton the opportunity to manage waste streams effectively.  We need to do all we can to take advantage of this wonderful tool to save money, energy, and the environment.