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Sophomore Concentration Declaration Week

The deadline is February 13th at 4:00 PM

Failure to declare your concentration on time can affect your opportunity to register in April.  Students who need an extension should contact the Dean of Students Office.

The process for declaring a concentration has changed this year this year.

To begin the process, go to http://my.hamilton.edu/dof/advising/sophomore-evaluation.  You will first be asked to complete an evaluation of your current advisor (like teaching evaluations, these are completely anonymous; your advisor will see the answers without your name on them later in the spring). 

Once you submit the advisor evaluation you will be redirected to another page where you can fill out the Sophomore Declaration of Concentration survey and then Concentration Declaration form.  The Survey asks you to reflect briefly on your educational progress so far and your plans for the next two years.  Please answer the questions thoughtfully.  Your answers will be sent to your new concentration advisor to use during your future advising discussions.

Print both the survey and the declaration form and take them to your current advisor to discuss your choice of concentration and get his/her signature on the form. 

Submit both the survey and the form to the Registrar's office by the date above.  The forms will be accepted only with your advisor's signature and both the survey and form together.

Spring 2015 Drop Deadlines

The Last Day to DROP a course without Penalty is Friday, March 13th - The signature of the instructor and your advisor* are required   
* Seniors do not need the signature of an advisor


Important Dates

Monday - Friday, February 9 - 13 - Sophomores Declare Concentration

Friday, February 27 - Last Day to Declare a Leave of Absence for Fall 2015

Friday, March 13 - Last Day to Drop a Course

Friday, March 13 - Spring Break begins 4:00 PM

Monday, March 30 - Classes Resume, 8:00 AM

Saturday - Sunday, May 9 & 10 - Reading Days

Monday, May 11 - Last Day of Classes and Class and Charter Day

Tuesday - Wednesday, May 12 & 13 - Reading Days

Wednesday - Sunday, May 13 - 17 - Final Exams

Saturday, May 23 - Baccalaureate

Sunday, May 24 - Commencement