Residential Life

Residential Life

Housing Guide for New Students and Parents

The Resident Advisor

Just What Exactly Does a Resident Advisor Really Do?

Your Resident Advisor will probably be the first person you see when you get here and the last person you see when you leave at the end of the year. And for all the times in-between, your R.A. will be the one person you can really count on to help you get ‘connected’ to the Hamilton community. Resident Advisors act as teachers, administrators, counselors, programmers, and leaders in the residence halls. They provide friendship, advice, and guidance to new students in all aspects of their adjustment to college life. What person will sit up late at night with you discussing a problem? Your R.A. Who has the inside story on classes, registration, and professors? Your R.A. Where do you go to find out if there’s a vacuum cleaner in your hall? Your R.A. Who can fill you in on the social scene at Hamilton? Your R.A. Let’s face it: Resident Advisors at Hamilton wear many, many important hats that help make the transition to life on the Hill a whole lot easier for you.