Student Employment Office


The mission of the Hamilton College Student Employment Office is to provide both students and hiring supervisors with a central resource that supports the communication and hiring of students for on-campus jobs. Centralized employment provides all students with an equal opportunity to view job openings and assures that work-study students have the means to locate employment opportunities.

Student Employment Office


Monday 8:00pm 

By Euphoria - Sadove Student Center

For further inquiry, please contact us at employme@hamilton.edu


All Hamilton students (regardless of work-study eligibility) are encouraged to seek out employment opportunities on campus. Students can locate job opportunities and apply online using HamNET, the Career Center's online job database.

How to Apply for an On-Campus Job

Accepting an On-Campus Job


Hiring supervisors must submit job descriptions to the Student Employment office for all student job opportunities they intend to fill.  Supervisors should keep job descriptions updated and contact the Student Employment Office if changes need to be made to existing descriptions or if new jobs opportunities become available within their department.

Hiring supervisors should direct students interested in a job opportunity within their department to HamNET where students can apply online for job opportunities.  The Student Employment office will work with hiring supervisors as well as student applicants to provide assistance in the recruitment process and ensure that the best student candidate is selected.

How to Initiate a Job Search and Hire a Student