28 March 1999 >>>
Off we go!!!

We sailed up the Strait of Magellan out into the Atalntic and are now headed south towards the Drake Passage. We should clear the Tierra Del Fuego headland around midnight. So far the seas have been calm with nice smooth sailing. Once we move out of the lee of Tierra Del Fuego we will probably pick up a heavier sea.

The Drake Passage can have some of the roughest water in the world, we'll see how it treats us. In the main park in Punta Arenas is a statue of Magellan and a native guide. Tradition has it that if you touch, rub or kiss the guide's toes you will be blessed with a safe/smooth passage. All members of the science staff made sure the brass toes were well polished as we headed to the ship last night!

Cheers, Dave

The Nathaniel B. Palmer docked in Chile.
The treacherous waters of the Drake Passage