<<< 08 April 1999 >>>
12:00 GMT 59 45 S 63 32 W rolling seas, cloudy, 2.3 C

Good morning everyone from north of the convergence. Note the dramatic increase in outside temperature. We are north of the Antarctic convergence, where the cold water of the Antarctic circumpolar current meets the circulation of the Atlantic/Pacific oceans. Yesterday we were around 0 C or below, today 2.3 degrees C warmer.

The seas have been building all night with constant 5-12 degree rolls left and right of center, and occasional 15 degree rolls. This is the roughest water we have had since leaving Lallemand Fjord and we have all been spoiled by working on calm seas. Breakfast was an interesting dance of trying to move gracefully with a loaded tray, timing your direction of movement to the rolls. One at the table constant attention is needed to keep you tray or dishes on the table and not in your, or the person across the tables, lap. There is a lip that can be raised on the edge of the table, but this doesn't help movement away from you. You learn very quickly not to fill your coffee all the way to the top of the cup. We will all need to watch our manners when we get back. The natural method of controlling moving dishes is both arms on the table with the one not being used to eat constantly moving to contain the dishes.

Hope all is well,