<<< 11 April 1999 >>>

The voyage is coming to an end. We made good time overnight and should be in port by 10 am or so.

Thanks to everyone who e mailed me with questions and feedback on the
information I've been passing on.

We collected really important samples to evaluate changes related to warming in the Palmer Peninsula area and to provide possible links to climatic changes on a global scale.

The undergraduate students, working on cutting edge research with top researchers in sedimentology,oceanography, chemistry, geophysics & biology, along with the highly skilled crew of the Nathaniel B. Palmer have grown tremendously in their understanding of basic research and the interrelation of the various sciences. I have no doubt this experience will be a high point of their college career.

Thanks to Dr. Eugene Domack for inviting me on this cruise and to Eugene and all the members of the science staff and ship's crew for their expertise and willingness to answer questions so that I could send back accurate information about the science and ship operations.

Dave Tewksbury