Africana Studies

The Senior Program

The Senior Program in Africana studies is a culminating intellectual experience in which students integrate the knowledge and skills they have acquired in the first three years. At its center is the senior project, an interdisciplinary project that leads to a thesis, performance or exhibition. The project is carried out under the close supervision of the thesis advisor in consultation with other faculty members.

Recent projects in Africana studies include:

  • Naming in Black America
  • Black Beauty: Past to Present
  • Women of Color's Experiences at Hamilton College
  • We Love Hip-Hop but Does Hip-Hop Love Us?: The Role of the Media in the Body Image Issues of Black Women
  • Between Two Worlds: The Political and Social Activism of Rodolphe Lucien Desdunes, 1849-1928
  • Black Churches: A Wholehearted Commitment to Faith
  • The Environmental and Socioeconomic Impacts of Olkaria
  • Geothermal Power Power Plant (research conducted in Kenya)
  • Liberation Theology in African Literature
  • Malcolm X: The Evolution of an Internationalist Thinker