The Senior Program

The senior project in anthropology provides students the opportunity to conduct independent research under the direction of two departmental advisers. Students having an average of 88 in anthropology may become candidates for departmental honors by continuing their projects during the second semester of the senior year.

Recent projects in anthropology include:

  • Threatened Identity: The Effects of the Oneida Nation Land Claims on White Identity in Central New York
  • Language and Desire: The Internet and American Religion
  • Holding On: An Examination of the Onondaga Struggle to Maintain their Culture Throughout the Imposition of Formal Education
  • Theory, Practice and the Space In-Between: The Federal-Tribal Relationship in Native American Housing Development
  • Pragmatic Panthers: The Dynamic Lives of Legal Categories
  • Emergent Identities: Changing Land Tenure Systems, the Iroqois People and the Struggle to Maintain a "Traditional" Life in the Face of European Colonization
  • Termination Mazeways and Indian Paths of Resistance: The Emergent Identity of the Western Shoshone
  • The Two Row Wampum and the Fourth Sister: An Analysis of Oneida Tradition within the Casino Debate
  • The Commodification of a Hamilton College Education within Contemporary Capitalist Society
  • An Ethnography of Hamilton College: Students' Expectations of the Alcohol Policy's Effect on Marijuana Consumption
  • Looking in from the Outside: International Students' Perceptions of Attending Hamilton College
  • A Home for Seven Months: A Study of the Factors that Influence How Hamilton College Students Set up their Dormitory Rooms
  • I Want to Be Part of Something: Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann, Irish Traditional Music and the Search for Identity
  • Representations of Upstate/Downstate by Central New Yorkers
  • Trying to Fit In: The Sudanese Identity Crisis
  • Women and AIDS: A Ugandan Perspective
  • Colonial Legacy: An Analysis of Anthropology's Role in the Australian Government's Aboriginal Policies Formation
  • From Maastricht to Mad Cow: The Northern Ireland Conflict and the Emerging European Community
  • The Elderly in America and the Rise of Social Institutions that "Solve the Problem" of the Aged
  • The Construction of Primitiveness: A Comparative Study of Its Imposition upon the Aboriginals and the Maori
  • Masculinity and Homophobia: Understanding Anti-Gay Discrimination
  • Cultural Values, Word Association, Tomatoes and Alternative Markets:Niche Marketing Strategies for the Vermont Farmer
  • The Social Construction of Genocide: A Case Study of Language and the Holocaust
  • Language and Ethnicity: Language Policy in Norway and Catalonia

Recent projects in archaeology include:

  • The Sun Never Sets on the Roman Empire: Use of Solar Energy in the Roman Baths of Italy
  • Sutton Hoo: A Mark of Power in Anglo-Saxon England
  • Chronological and Functional Relationships Between Great Basin Fluted Point Technology