The Senior Program

Mathematics majors begin the senior year with a senior seminar. These small seminars focus on different areas of mathematics and are devoted largely to presentations by students and intensive discussion. Then, in the spring semester, students may elect to write a thesis, working independently but under close faculty supervision. The senior thesis is a culmination of each student's undergraduate experience; it synthesizes coursework, research and discussion into a focused statement of intellectual growth and insight. Strong student papers sometimes are published in scholarly journals — a remarkable accomplishment at the undergraduate level.

Recent projects in mathematics include:

  • Iterated Function Systems with Memory
  • Stock Market Psychic
  • Using Historical Data to Predict Future Stock Market Prices
  • The Countable Random Graph
  • An Investigation of the Google Page Rank Algorithm
  • Cheating at Cards: A Variation of the Game of War
  • Deterministic Models in Population Ecology
  • Traffic Flow: When does a T-Junction Require a Left-Turn Lane?
  • The Logistic Equation, Euler’s Method & Chaos
  • Item Bias and Validity
  • An Introduction to a Formalized Exponentiation
  • The Evolution of Statistical Testing for Employment Discrimination
  • A Study of Knots in Lorenz-like Templates
  • Metabelian Group Theory
  • Tessellations
  • Weakly Continuous Functions Between Topological Spaces
  • To Choose or Not to Choose: Aircraft Queues and Priority
  • The Mathematics of Sex
  • Structural Stability of Matrices
  • The Accessibility of Modern Mathematics to the Ancient Greeks
  • Rule by Conviction