The Senior Program

The Senior Program in philosophy has two parts: In the fall semester, majors take a Senior Seminar that frames and completes the undergraduate study of philosophy. Here students develop their research interests through intensive reading and discussion. They then compose a major research paper, first submitting drafts for peer review, then completing the paper and defending it orally to a panel of fellow students and faculty members. Some students also choose to develop a thesis proposal, which may expand on their work or take a new direction. A student may enroll in the spring semester Senior Thesis project only if the formal thesis proposal submitted in the fall is approved by the department.

Recent Senior Thesis projects include:

  • Screening the Sartrean Self: Existentialism in Mad Men
  • Empiricism without Dogmas – Truth according to Emerson
  • Reconsidering Intellectual Property: How Ideation is Framed in a Public Context
  • Understanding the Impact of Behavioral Science on Hayek's Price System
  • Beyond East and West: An Evaluation of Chinese Philosophy's Legitimacy Through the Concept of Benti
  • They're A Bunch of ******:  Explaining Stereotyping Slurs
  • Hegel and Nietzsche on Skepticism
  • Agency as Articulation: Disclosure and Identity in The Works of Hannah Arendt and Charles Taylor
  • C.S. Peirce's Theory of Inquiry
  • An Investigation of Nietzsche's Idea of Truth
  • Just War and Supreme Emergency
  • The Phenomenology of Absorbed Coping and Places of Personal Significance
  • Our Natural Narrative and Describing the Self
  • Why Philosophers Should Not Rely on Thought Experiments
  • Hegel Wuz Here: Graffiti Art Through a Hegelian Lens
  • Should Oscar Pastorius Be Allowed to Compete in the Olympics?
  • Affirmative action in College Admission: a Philosophical Investigation