Environmental Protection, Safety
and Sustainability

Brian Hansen

The Office of Environmental Protection, Safety & Sustainability (EPS&S) is directly responsible for overseeing Hamilton's various obligations with regard to environmental compliance, and occupational health and safety. EPS&S provides a number of services in support of this charge, including regular training classes, air quality monitoring, technical/regulatory auditing and inspection activities, and other miscellaneous compliance services. EPS&S also works closely with Campus Safety, the Physical Plant and other departments to facilitate fire safety compliance, and emergency planning/preparedness. Finally, EPS&S is intimately involved with Hamilton's sustainability efforts, which demonstrate its commitment to strategically exceed the minimum environmental expectations under the law.

Brian Hansen is the Director of Environmental Protection, Safety and Sustainability, and can be reached at 315-859-4647 or bhansen@hamilton.edu. For more information on subject-specific programs, plans or procedures, please see the links that follow: