Hamilton in France


Courses in Paris Schools

The following list is a sampling of courses that Hamilton in France students have taken over the last few years in Paris universities or other centers and institutions.  Some courses may not be available from year to year, and some have slightly different names from year to year.

While only indicative, this list will help prospective students and advisors appreciate the breadth of courses available, and plan a provisional academic program. Last updated summer 2013.

See abbreviations and descriptions of Paris Institutes


Art History

  • Contemporary French Art (EL)
  • Egyptology (EL)
  • European and/or French Art and Architecture of the 17th, 18th, 19th Centuries (EL, HCF, IC)
  • French Art after WWII (EL)
  • Greek, Roman and Etruscan Art (EL)
  • History of Photography (EL)
  • Ingres and His Century (EL)
  • Italian and French Renaissance Architecture (EL)
  • Medieval French Art (EL)
  • Nineteenth-Century Landscape and Sculpture (EL)
  • Paris Church Paintings in the 17th Century (EL)
  • Picasso and the Arts between WWI and WWII (EL)

Applied Arts

  • Dance (African, Ballet, Contemporary, Tap) (CM)
  • Photography (SPEOS)
  • Drawing and Painting (still life; watercolor; figure) (AGC, APR)
  • Lithography (private studio)
  • Sculpture (AMI)
  • Watercolor (ACN)



  • Challenges of the European Community (HMS)
  • Contemporary World Economics (FACO)
  • Economics of Development (IC)
  • Economics of Globalization (IC, UP7)
  • International Relations (IC, IEP)
  • Major Contemporary Economic Issues (IEP)
  • Methods and Data of Macroeconomics (IEP)


Film and Theater Studies

  • Aesthetics of Theater (UP3)
  • Cinematographic Sequence Analysis (IEP)
  • Contemporary French Cinema (IC)
  • Contemporary French Women Filmmakers (UP3)
  • French and European Cinema (IC)
  • The Godard Era (UP3)
  • Sexuality in Film (UP3)
  • The Golden Age of French Cinema (IC)
  • History and Aesthetics (UP3)
  • The New Wave (IC)
  • French Theater: History and Aesthetics (HCF)
  • Scenography (UP3)
  • Theater: Workshops (UP3)
  • Music in Film (UP6)


French Language/Linguistics

  • Advanced French Style (IEP)
  • Applied Phonetics (UP3)
  • Grammar and Methodology (HCF)
  • Introduction to Linguistics (IEP, IC)
  • Language and Society (IC)
  • Phonetics and Diction (HCF, IC)
  • Semiology (UP3)



  • Ancient Roman History (IC)
  • Colonial France: 1900-1920 (IC)
  • Contemporary French History (IC)
  • Cultural History of the Balkans (UP3)
  • Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa since 1944 (UP3)
  • European History: 1914 to the Present (IC)
  • France-Europe: 1945 to the Present (HMS)
  • France 1880-1990: History of a Political Nation (IEP)
  • France’s Colonization in the 18th Century (IC)
  • French Cultural History: From Napoleon III to the Present (IC)
  • Foreign Policy of the Second Empire (IC)
  • History of the Body (IC)
  • History of Europe (UP7)
  • History of Political Thought (IC)
  • History of the 19th-Century French Press (IC)
  • Medieval Muslim World (UP7)
  • Nazism and Stalinism (IC)
  • Origins of Rome and Punic Wars (UP7)
  • Spanish Civil War (IC)


Language Studies

(Hamilton in France students cannot start a new language in France except for Arabic if needed for their studies)

  • Arabic (IMA, UP3)
  • Chinese (UP7)
  • German (IG)
  • Iranian (UP3)
  • Italian (CCI, IEP)
  • Latin (IC, UP3)
  • Romanian (UP3)
  • Russian (IEP)
  • Spanish (IC, UP3)



French and Francophone Literature
  • Art in Crisis: Manet and Zola (UP3)
  • Aspects of the Francophone Novel (UP3)
  • Autobiography and Exile in 20th-Century (UP3) 
  • The Bourgeois in 19th-Century French Literature (UP3)
  • Caribbean Poetics: Women’s Perspectives (UP3)
  • Comedy and Drama in 18th-Century Literature (UP3)
  • Childhood and Adolescence in 20th-Century French Literature (UP3)
  • Cinema and Literature: Hugo’s Notre Dame de Paris (UP3)
  • Francophone Arab Literature (UP3)
  • The Good Savage in 18th-Century Literature (UP3)
  • History and Destiny in Travel Literature (UP3)
  • Introduction to French Literature (HCF)
  • Irony and 19th-Century French Literature (UP3)
  • The Libertine in 18th-Century Literature (UP3)
  • Liberty & Colonization (UP3)
  • Literature, Politics and Philosophy (UP3)
  • Madness in 19th-Century Literature (UP3)
  • Medieval Beasts Fables (UP3)
  • Medieval French Literature (UP3)
  • Memoirs in Troubled Times (UP7)
  • The Nouveau Roman (UP3)
  • The Myth of Androgyny (UP3)
  • The Myth of Oedipus in 20th-Century Literature (UP3)
  • Paris in 19th-Century French Literature (UP3)
  • Passion and Happiness in 18th-Century French Literature (UP3)
  • Romance and Short Fiction in Medieval French Literature (UP3)
  • The Round Table (UP3)
  • The Servant in 20th-Century Literature (UP3)
  • Single Author Seminars: Proust, Claudel, Dures, etc. (UP3)
  • Surrealist French Literature (UP3)
  • Violence and History in French Literature (UP3)
  • Women in Renaissance French Literature (UP3)
Comparative Literature
  • The City in French and Chinese Literature (UP3)
  • The Criminal in the Early 20th Century (UP3)
  • The Fantastic and the Marvelous in 20th-Century Literature (UP3)
  • Fiction and History in French and Italian Literature (UP3)
  • Irony in 20th-Century French and Italian Literature (UP3)
  • Literature and Exile (UP3)
  • Literature of Revolt (UP3)
  • Travel in Japanese Literature (UP3)
  • Women and their Travels (UP3)
  • Writing Desire (UP3)
  • 20th-Century Theater and Politics (UP3)
English and American Literature

(taught in English for English majors only; maximum one course per semester)

  • British Romantic Poetry and Fiction (UP3)
  • The Irish Novel (UP3)
  • Poetics of Space in Modern American Literature (UP3)
  • Politics and Literature in Modern American Literature (UP3)
  • The Representation of the City in the 20th-Century American Novel (UP3)
  • 19th-Century American and English Novel (UP3)



  • Ethnomusicology (CMu)
  • History of Music (UP3, CMP)
  • Instruments: Flute, French Horn, Piano, Violin (SC)
  • Musical Composition (SC)
  • Vocal Jazz (AIM)



  • Classical Philosophy (IC)
  • Existentialism (IC)
  • History of Ancient Philosophy: Plato (IC)
  • Medieval Philosophy (IC)
  • Moral Philosophy (IC)
  • Multiculturalism and Philosophy (IC)
  • Nietzsche (IC)
  • The Passions (IC)
  • Phenomenology (IC)
  • Philosophy of Knowledge (IC)


Political Science

  • Comparative Politics: France/USA (HMS)
  • Comparative Politics of the Member States of the European Union (UP3)
  • Conflict Resolution and Prevention (IC)
  • Contemporary Africa (IC)
  • Elements of Analysis of Political Life (IEP)
  • Europe Past and Present (IEP)
  • The European Union: Stakes and Perspectives (IC, IEP, UP3)
  • France-Europe: 1945 to the Present (HMS, IC)
  • Franco African Relations from the 15th-Century to the Present (HMS)
  • French Political Institutions and Mentalities (HMS)
  • French Political Life Under the Fifth Republic (IEP)
  • Foreign Policy of the Soviet Union (IC)
  • History of Feminism (HMS)
  • History of Political Thought (IC)
  • International Relations: Regionalism (IEP)
  • International Relations: The Stakes of Globalization (IC)
  • Introduction to Politics (IC)
  • Islam and Politics (UP3)
  • Modern Arab Thought (UP3)
  • Modern China: Political, Economic and Cultural Perspectives (IC)
  • NGO’s in the International System (IC)
  • Political Thought from the 17th Century to the Present (IEP)
  • Soviet Political History (IC)
  • Theory of International Relations (IEP)
  • Central and Eastern Europe (IEP)
  • Women and Politics in Europe (IC)


Religious Studies

  • Africa and Modernity: Anthropological and Theological Aspects (IC)
  • Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism (IC)
  • Divination and African Religion (IC)
  • Early Christian Church History (IC)
  • Ethnological Approaches to African Religions (IC)
  • Hinduism (IC)
  • Religious Diversity (IC)
  • Rites, Myths and Symbols (IC)
  • Sociology of Judaism (IC)


Science (majors only)

  • Animal Physiology (UP6)
  • Biology of Evolution (UP6)
  • Cellular Physiology (UP6)
  • Chemistry I and II (UP6)
  • Multivariable Calculus (UP6)
  • Physics (Experimental; Electromagnetism; Thermodynamics) (UP6)
  • Plant Biology, Evolution and Biodiversity (UP6)
  • Statistics and Probability (UP6, UP7)
  • Thermodynamics (UP6)


Sociology (majors only)

  • Comparative European Society (IEP)
  • General Sociology (IC)
  • Sociology of International Relations (IEP)