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Accessing the Academic Server


As of June 21, 2012, the Software and MSS servers were retired. Files have been transferred to the new Academic server. If you would like to request a folder on Academic, please use this form. Below are instructions for accessing files on the new server.

Accessing Files using a Mac

From the main menu bar, select Go - Connect to Server.

In the Connect to Server window, type academic in the Server Address field.

Click the Connect button.

Select the desired folder and click the OK button.

Accessing Files on a Windows PC

Faculty and students can double click on the Computer icon on the desktop and then double click on the (K:) drive icon.


From the Start Menu, select Network.

In the address bar of the resulting window, type \\academic.

Press the Enter key on the keyboard.

Double-click on the desired folder to open it.

Connecting to the FTP2 folder using Cyberduck

Note: The only folder on the Academic server that supports FTP access is //academic/FTP2.

Download and install Cyberduck

After launching Cyberduck, click on the Open Connection button.

Type ftp2.hamilton.edu in the Server field and then enter your login information.

Click the Connect button.

When the Unsecured FTP connection prompt appears, click Change.

Navigate to the desired folder.

To Upload Files

Right-click (or hold Control then click) on the file list window and select Upload.

Navigate to the desired file and click the Upload button.

To Download Files

Right-click (or hold Control then click) on the desired file and select Download To...

Select the folder into which the file will be downloaded and click the Choose button.


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