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Audiovisual Services (AV)

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Mission Statement

The Audiovisual Services Team of the Information Technology Services department provides quality service and support to the Hamilton College Community for their teaching and multimedia presentation needs.

AV Services Staff

The Audiovisual  Services Team is located in Burke Library, Room 363 (within ITS).

Tim Hicks
Director  315-859-4790

Claire Skjellerup
Coordinator  315-859-4120

Graham Espe 
Multimedia Systems Technician  315-859-4793

Forrest Warner
Multimedia Systems Technician  315-859-4076

Carl Wohnsen
Multimedia Technician 315-859-4231


Support Services Offered

  • Academic presentation support (sound reinforcement and data projection)
  • Video recording or streaming of campus events (e.g. performances, lectures, and sporting events)
  • Maintenance and support of technology enhanced (TE) classrooms
  • Loaning of various types of audiovisual equipment to Faculty and Staff for academic and College business purposes
  • Production work including duplications and editing
  • Delivery of Mobile Video Conferencing Carts in Spencer House, Kirner-Johnson, Burke Library and the Taylor Science Center

To schedule Audiovisual services, use the Events Calendar, if applicable. In the Resources section of the Creating Event screen please choose the resource "AV- Request for support," then write the details of your needs in the Event Comments box. (Tip- Once "AV-Request for support" shows up on the right under Selected Resources, click on the little star to add this resource to Your Starred Resources. That way it will be easier to find for future requests.) If the Events Calendar is not appropriate for your situation,  or to request equipment loans, please contact the AVS Coordinator at 315-859-4120 or cskjelle@hamilton.edu.  When possible services should be requested by Wednesday of the week prior to the date they are needed (For example, if support is needed on a Saturday (Jul 14), the request should be made by the Wednesday (Jul 4) of the prior week not the Wednesday (Jul 11) just before the event date). This will insure equipment and staff availability.

For more information about Audiovisual Classroom or Event Support Services, please contact the AVS Office, 315-859-4120.

Film Screening in Class 

To show your class a DVD or videotape* from Burke Library (Please note: the Media Library collection is located in Burke Library), you must check out the movie and show it yourself. Email askcirc@hamilton.edu  or call 315-859-4479 for information about the media collection and borrowing items. 

In virtually all classrooms, the AV equipment is operated via a touchscreen control. If you are unfamiliar with the equipment, contact AV Services (x4120) to schedule a brief personal training session in your classroom.

Audiovisual Services will provide a projectionist if the media item (rented or from our library) is a 16mm film. To request a projectionist, e-mail cskjelle@hamilton.edu or call (x4120) the Audiovisual Services Coordinator.

*If you are showing a VHS tape please contact Claire Skjellerup to see if the title can be obtained on DVD. For more information regarding VHS tape playback on campus please see this ITS Newsletter article.

Film Rentals 

Film rental requests should be made by email to cskjelle@hamilton.edu 2-4 weeks in advance to allow for research and shipping.

Please include the following information when requesting movie rentals:

SHOW DATE(S): Films can not be rented without a specific date.

SHOW TIME: Indicate the start time(s) and whether you plan to show a film in the latter part of a class.

LOCATION: If you plan to show media materials at a time or place different from the assigned class period or location you must schedule the space through the Events Calendar.

TITLE: Include the full title, plus an English translation of any foreign title. Other helpful information could include director, actors, country and year, especially if there has been more than one production of the same title.

FORMAT: Indicate the format (video, DVD, 16 mm film), only if one type is preferred over another.

SOURCE: If you are aware of a source, please provide it.

PUBLIC PERFORMANCE: Will the screening be only for the students in your class, or do you plan to advertise it or invite other viewers?

More on Rented Films

Media Use and Rental Policies

Most materials from Burke Library are licensed only for classroom-use showings, and cannot be advertised. A public performance license can be purchased for an open showing in many cases, with at least two weeks advance notice. The Audiovisual Services Coordinator will help you with licensing questions.

Movies available on videotape or DVD from Burke Library will not be rented in another format unless the instructor can show the necessity of using the other format.

The AVS Department's film rental budget supports curricular needs and is to be used for classroom-use rentals only. Any academic open showings (public performance with advertisement) and all entertainment showings will require public performance licensing. The AVS Coordinator will order the rental movie and/or licensing for you, but it must be funded by the requester's department or organization. Student Organizations wishing to rent a film should contact the Student Activities office at x4194.

Rented materials may not be put on reserve in Burke Library.

For additional information about copyright compliance in the use of library materials and rented media, please read the Audiovisual Copyright Policy

Equipment Loan Services

The following types of equipment are available for Faculty and Staff to borrow with advance notice. AVS does not loan equipment to students. Any equipment needed in the course of academic research projects should be requested and signed out by the Faculty member.

Audio Equipment
  • Digital Audio Recorder
Projection Equipment
  • Data Projector 
  • Document Camera
  • Portable Projection Screen 
Miscellaneous Equipment
  • Easel with paper pad, (requestor is responsible for providing markers)
  • Laser Pointer
  • PowerPoint remote control (Kensington)
  • Slide Projector (35mm)
  • Tape to PC conversion deck
  • Various cables and adapters*
Video Equipment
  • Standard DVD/VHS Player
  • Code-free DVD Player


*Please note that if you require a specific cable or adapter for longer than 2 weeks, your department should purchase one for your use. AVS will be happy to recommend a source for purchasing the cables.


Video Recording Services

It is the responsibility of the party requesting services, not AVS, to secure written permission in advance for video recording and video or audio production.  Questions regarding Video Recording Permission should be directed to the AVS Coordinator by email or phone (x4120).

Location Video Recording

Description of Service:

Video recording of classes, lectures, athletic and special events at specified locations on campus.


AVS will provide a Technician or Student Technical Assistant to operate the equipment . AVS does not have cameras to be loaned out. Students needing to borrow a video camera for class projects should contact Camera Loans.


Written permission to video record lecturers and performers (including persons affiliated with Hamilton College) must be obtained and given to the AVS Coordinator prior to the start of recording. Written permission from the publisher is required in order to record theater productions and music performances of copyrighted scripts or scores.

A printable permission form for an individual is available or blank forms can be requested from the AVS office. To arrange video recording for presentations or events involving more than a single presenter, please use the group permission form. For more information refer to Copyright Policy, Video Recording of Campus Events and Seeking Permission to Use Copyrighted Materials.

Disposition of video:

The DVDs made are usually sent to the requester via campus mail approximately 5-10 working days after the event. Major projects (dance performances, theater production, multiple camera events) requiring editing work may take 3 to 4 weeks to complete. Final disposition of the recording is the responsibility of the requester.


There is no cost to the original requester for the services of a student cameraperson, the original recording (a mini-DV tape), or for the first three (3) DVD copies of the recording.  Additional copies made for the original requester will be billed at our current rates for the cost of materials and labor. All copies made for individuals or departments other than the original requester will be billed. For information about pricing and methods of payment, please see our Duplication Policy or call Forrest Warner at 315-859-4076.

Video and Audio Copying Services

DVD Duplicating

Availability of Service:

DVD duplicating service is available. Limited services are available for copying from older formats. 


The AVS Team reserves the right to refuse any request which constitutes copyright infringement.


The cost of materials and labor for copies will be charged to a college department. For more information about our duplication policies. prices, and available methods of payment, please see our Duplication Policy, or contact Forrest Warner at 315-859-4076.


CD Duplicating


Audio duplicating of materials for classroom use.


The AVS Team reserves the right to refuse any request that may constitute copyright infringement.


The cost of materials and labor for copies will be charged to a college department. For more information about our duplication policies, prices and available methods of payment, please see our Duplication Policy, or contact Forrest Warner at 315-859-4076.



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