LITS Mobile Videoconferencing Cart


Videochats on personal and office computers are usually high quality and sufficient for most purposes. 

However, there are high-risk and/or high-value conversations (e.g. job interviews) for which a dedicated, dependable solution for Faculty and Staff is absolutely necessary. To satisfy this requirement, LITS created four Mobile Videoconferencing Carts, which are located in Burke Library, Spencer House, KJ, and the Taylor Science Center.

Each cart is equipped with:

  • a large LCD screen;
  • a high-fidelity videocamera and microphone;
  • an LITS-managed computer on which Skype, WebEx and Google Talk have been pre-installed;
  • and all of the necessary peripherals to operate the setup.

LITS has carefully configured each cart to ensure that all components interact properly and well.

Reserving and Using the Cart

Reserving the Cart

  • Employees can reserve an LITS Mobile Videoconferencing Cart by contacting Audiovisual services at 859-4120.
  • You must reserve a space in Burke Library, the Taylor Science Center, Spencer House, or Kirner-Johnson--the home buildings of each cart--at least seven days prior to the videoconference. While completing your room reservation, be sure to indicate that you intend to videoconference.


  • LITS strongly encourages you to perform a test call with the other participant(s) before the day of your call. This can be done from your office computer and should be done with the account you will use for the actual call.  Please call the Help Desk at 859-4181 to schedule an appointment if you require assistance to perform a test call. 
  • LITS also recommends you follow the our "Create a High-Quality Videoconference Guide" to make your call the highest-possible-quality.


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