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Alumni Review – fall 2015

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A Legacy of Access and Opportunity

New and upgraded facilities. Balanced budgets during a global recession. A jump in student applications and selectivity. Yet when Joan Hinde Stewart retires in June after 13 years as Hamilton’s president, she will be remembered most for her commitment to enhancing the College’s reputation as a “school of opportunity.” Read highlights of her tenure and reflections from those who worked with her as she guided Hamilton. More ...

Say it Ain’t So

We asked 11 professors to play mythbuster and give us the skinny on common misconceptions in their fields. Want to know if ignorance truly is bliss or if we could run out of water? You’ve come to the right place. More ...

A Great Big View of the World

by Maureen A. Nolan

William Luers ’51 has served as a U.S. ambassador, president of the United Nations Association and president of The Metropolitan Museum of Art. As co-founder and director of The Iran Project, he worked his back-channel diplomacy expertise to advance the nuclear deal approved in July. The word retirement doesn’t appear to be in his vocabulary. More ...

PHOTO: Jerry Reed

MORE THAN A PASSING PHASE. On Sept. 27, visitors to the Peters Observatory got a close look at the super moon lunar eclipse, a celestial event that hasn’t happened since 1982 and won’t occur again until 2033, according to Adam Lark, director of laboratories in the Physics Department. During the full eclipse, the “blood moon” turned a deep shade of red, casting an eerie glow as it lingered over the Chapel.