Alumni Review - Summer '12

The First Continentals’ Congeries

Crossword Puzzle

About the authors

Jonathan Vaughan is the James L. Ferguson Professor of Psychology, who has taught at 38-across long enough to have personally experienced much of the institution’s history. George Barany is a Distinguished McKnight University Professor of Chemistry at the University of Minnesota, whose hobby is the construction of crossword puzzles for special occasions and to a range of audiences (http://tinyurl.com/gbpuzzle). His daughter, Deborah A. Barany ’11, completed the neuroscience concentration, during which she analyzed the ­principles of movement planning with Vaughan and applied them as violinist in the campus orchestra and as Academic All-American on the tennis court.  One of the 10-down, she has moved on to the Psychological and Brain Sciences program at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

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