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A method of exchanging digital messages from an author to one or more recipients (Wikipedia).

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How to Move your Local Folders into your IMAP account
Electronic Mail (E-mail) & Listserv (Mass E-mail lists)
Hamilton Password Manager
Your Hamilton College Electronic Resources Account
Access to Information Technology Resources
Listserv Resources
Email & Network Account Options When You Leave Hamilton
HillConnect Resources
Transferring Email From Hamilton to Another Account
How to Set Your ListServ Subscription to Digest Mode
Installing and Configuring Thunderbird
Configuring Apple Mail for HillConnect Mail
Configuring my Mobile Device for HillConnect E-mail
HillConnect Additional Services
How to Temporarily Turn Mass Mail Off and On
Quick Start Guide for List Owners
Changing Your HillConnect Password to Match Your ESS/SSS Password
Configuring Microsoft Outlook for HillConnect Mail
A Few Things to Know About the HillConnect Environment
Google Sync versus IMAP
Becoming a Listserv List Owner
Configuring Windows Mail for HillConnect Mail
E-mail and Spam
Creating Email Lists from the Hamilton College Directory
How to Change Your ListServ Password
Generic E-mail Client Settings
Student Organization Account Creation Process
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