Opportunity Programs


Phyllis A.H. Breland
315-859-4912 (fax)


Phyllis A.H. Breland, Director


Ms. Breland is responsible for the daily operation and delivery of program services. She works to support her students on every level. Ms. Breland maintains an open door policy, and is available to help on a personal and academic level.


Brenda C. Davis, Assistant Director


I work closely with Ms. Breland to ensure that the program runs effectively. I am is available to assess her students' needs, provide direction, and be an immediate resource for them. I am also responsible for the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE). It is my hope that each day on campus you feel engaged, connected to your professors and classmates, and ultimately enriched by the experiences that the Opportunity Programs office can share with you.


Anh Murphy, Educational and Supportive Services Counselor


I am very excited to work with you as the next four years you spend on campus will be a great opportunity for you to explore who you are intellectually and socially. I provide support to her students as they satisfy their academic requirements and build an academic portfolio. Please use me as a resource to help navigate you through the exciting experiences and challenges that may come while you are here. I can facilitate their course selection, assist in discovering ways to overcome obstacles in the classroom, give techniques to reduce anxieties, and help make their academic experience fulfilling.