SiteManager 3.0

What is SiteManager?

SiteManager is Hamilton's own content management system. Some of the features include: enhanced formatting options, the ability to create your own slideshows, sub-navigation and roll-over text, and a brand new interface, making it easier for you to edit your pages.

  • Since the application is Web based, it is available to you wherever you have access to the Internet.
  • SiteManager looks the same regardless of whether you are using a Windows or Macintosh computer. 
  • Firefox is the recommended browser when using SiteManager.
    • Chrome and Safari will also work. 
    • IE should have the Google frame plug-in installed


Where can SiteManager be used?

College departments, official college pages:

Academic department pages and supporting content/sites:
Please note, pages created and maintained by the departments will not replace the Hamilton marketing pages created and maintained by C&D. Department maintained pages are accessed via a link from the official Hamilton pages that reads, " The [department name] department maintains its own Web site. More..." Only sites that display current information will be linked from the official academic page.

Student organizations:

All personal sites:

Sites and content related to course work, academic projects:

Conference sites:


When can I start to use SiteManager?