Staff Assembly

Staff Assembly Standing Committees

Nominations and Elections

Linda Lacelle, chair


Beth Bohstedt, Library (2016)
Kate Ferguson, Business Office Assistant, Business Office (2017)
Christopher Harrison, Building Manager/Museum Preparator, Wellin Museum (2017)
Gretchen Maxam, LITS (2016)
Jim Melvin, Physical Plant (2015)
Marianita Peaslee, LITS (2015)
Yvonne Schick, co-chair, Print Shop (2017)

Employment Environment and Professional Development

Patty Critelli, Physical Plant
Bobby Evans, Physical Plant
Terry Lapinski, co-chair, LITS (2016)
Linda Lacelle, LITS co-chair
Debby Quayle, ITS (2015)
Sherri Pavlik, Office of the President
Sylvia Riseley, Business Office
Robin Treen, Physical Plant
Anne Riffle, co-chair, Registrar's Office (2015)
Chris Willemsen, Levitt Center (2015) 

Wellness Advisory Committee

Alex Egresits, Physical Plant (2016)
Joan Kane, co- chair, FSS (2016)
Kathy Kwasniewski, LITS (2016)
Jackie Medina, FSS (2016)
Sinead McSharry, Physical Education (2017)
Hillary Joy Pitoniak, Biology (2017)
Becky Seifert, LITS (2015)
Robin Vanderwall, FSS (2016)
Mackenzie Williams, Physical Education (2017)
Heather Wixson, Career Center (2017)
Dave Thompson – ex officio, Physical Education
Nancy Huckaby – ex officio, C and D