Staff Assembly

Staff Assembly Standing Committees

Nominations and Elections

Jay Bonham (chair)
Tom Bourgeois
Brenda Davis
Joan Kane
Nikki Reynolds


Beth Bohstedt, Library (2016)
Regina Johnson, co-chair, Dean of Students (2014)
Madison Krall, Athletics/Swimming (2016)
Gretchen Maxam, ITS (2016)
Jim Melvin, Physical Plant (2015)
Anh Murphy, Opportunity Programs (2016)
Marianita Peaslee, Library (2015)
Yvonne Schick, co-chair, Print Shop (2017)

Employment Environment and Professional Development

Don Croft, Physical Plant (2014)
Madeleine La Cotera, Levitt Center (2014)
Terry Lapinski, co-chair, ITS (2016)
Debby Quayle, ITS (2015)
Tori Palmer, Career Center (2016)
Anne Riffle, co-chair, Registrar's Office (2015)
Chris Willemsen, Levitt Center (2015) 

Ad Hoc Committee on Wellness

Alex Egresits, Physical Plant (2016)
Matt Fletcher, Print Shop (2015)
Erin Glasser, co-chair, Athletics/Volleyball (2015)
Tim Hicks, ITS (2014)
Elizabeth Hersh, C&D (2016)
Amy James, co-chair, COOP (2014)
Shannon Jones, Associated Colleges in China (2016)
Joan Kane, Econ. & Govt. (2016)
Kathy Kwasniewski, ITS (2016)
Jackie Medina, Art History (2016)
Nikki Reynolds, ITS (2016)
Karen Schaffer, ITS (2015)
Becky Seifert, Library (2014)
Robin Vanderwall (2016)
Dave Thompson – ex officio
Nancy Huckaby – ex officio