National Day on Writing

At Hamilton, words matter.

Students, faculty members and alumni take pride in the College's continuing legacy as one of the nation's top programs for teaching exceptional writing.

Many alumni recall the days of "yes" themes, where, in order to pass English Composition, they had to write two papers without a single spelling, grammar or logic mistake. Today, teaching students to write well is part of every faculty member’s job. Students must take three writing-intensive courses offered throughout the curriculum that call for extensive writing and rewriting. As a result, students are just as likely to hone their writing skills in Linear Algebra as they are in Literary Theory.

As a college that has valued good writing for more than two centuries, Hamilton is proud to join in celebrating the seventh annual National Day on Writing. Alumni are encouraged add their comments to a page of reflections that highlight how writing skills developed at Hamilton affect their personal and professional lives.

Join us in celebrating this National Day on Writing by using #hamiltonwrites on your social media channels.

Ruminating on Writing

Was it advice from a professor? Trips to the Writing Center? Hours of writing and rewriting? How did your writing improve at Hamilton, and how does that skill affect your life? Alumni are invited to share reflections.

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The Seven Deadly Sins of Writing

Click images below to view a slideshow or download 8½ x 11 or 11 x 17 posters. Visit the Writing Center’s website for more information.

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