Faculty Resources

The Wellin Museum of Art serves Hamilton College faculty and students through custom-designed experiences that encourage faculty to use the museum as an extension of the classroom. Since opening in 2012, over 220 class sessions have been held at the Wellin. These courses come from over 25 subjects ranging from physics and French to American history and environmental studies, have worked with the collection and/or exhibitions at the museum.

There are many ways to integrate original works of art into teaching and learning in a variety of disciplines. Wellin Museum staff are available to help design class sessions in the galleries or Seminar Rooms that engage museum exhibitions and the permanent collection to enhance student understanding of course content and advance critical thinking, problem solving, oral communication and visual literacy skills.   

Wellin SemB Fac Resource     HC Class and Fazal Sheikh

To schedule a class session using the current exhibitions, please contact Michelle Reynolds, Curatorial and Programming Coordinator, at mkreynol@hamilton.edu.

To schedule a class session using objects from the museum’s permanent collection, please contact Katherine Alcauskas, Collections Curator and Exhibitions Manager, at kalcausk@hamilton.edu.