Virtual Wellin Kids

Virtual Wellin Kids is a remote studio art program for families and children organized by the Wellin Museum of Art at Hamilton College. The program connects works of art to fun, kid-friendly art projects. In each program, children will learn about an artist, practice thinking and talking about art, and use their creativity in guided art-making projects. 

Virtual Wellin Kids programs are led by Wellin Museum docents in collaboration with the museum's education staff. Our docents are Hamilton College students from varying majors and backgrounds who act as educational guides through our exhibitions and collections. 

All are welcome for this virtual art program. Pre-registration is required for each date, and an adult must join the program with the child(ren). A supply list will be provided for each program topic.

Wellin Kids Event

Virtual Wellin Kids Schedule

Programs take place on zoom every other Friday  from March 19th through May 14th.

Graffiti Sticker Signatures
Friday, March 19th at 3pm EST
Register: https://hamilton.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJIsdOygpzgiGNO8rS3yDze-Y6XoiqiEotus

Description: Graffiti Sticker Signatures
Participants will learn about patterns and lettering in graffiti art, as seen in work by American potter and activist Robert Lugo. They will create graffiti-inspired stickers, decorated with patterns and drawings that represent their identity. 

Suggested materials: paper, pencil, markers or crayons, scissors, scotch tape and a plastic freezer bag or packing tape and wax paper/parchment paper.

Tactile Texture Collage 
Friday, April 2 at 3pm EST (Rescheduled)
Register: https://hamilton.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJUpce2hrz4qGtbfcFyQBGNxqUiR5ytwOyo9

Topic: Tactile Texture Collage 
Participants will explore texture and color in Robert Rauschenberg’s print Baby Bellini. They will use textured materials from their environments to create colorful patterned paper, and will then cut, layer, and combine them to form a collage.

Suggested materials: colored crayons, white paper, tape or glue, and household items with different textures (such as sandpaper, a colander, shoes, a comb, etc.).

Scratch Art Scenes
Friday, April 30 at 4pm EST
Register: https://hamilton.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJwrcu2qqjIvEtEPRREV4loYbntPFu-VchRL

Join the Wellin Museum’s student docents and education staff for a virtual discussion and art-making activity around scenic landscapes in the Wellin's collection. Participants will create their own scratch art scene depicting their favorite place.

Suggested materials: Paper, colored pencils or oil pastels, a small cup, dish soap, a dark color paint, and a scratching tool (i.e. a cotton swab, a straw, a popsicle stick, or the back of a paintbrush).

Extraordinary Ecosystems
Friday, May 7th at 4pm EST

Register: https://hamilton.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJIvceqhqTgtH9FC8SfTbinoEBiTTIoWYA30

Participants will learn about animals and ecosystems, and will create their own extraordinary ecosystem rock painting inspired by the animal-focused prints of Nathanial Currier.

Suggested materials: a medium-sized stone (about the size of your hand) and permanent markers or acrylic paint and a paintbrush.

Symbolic Self-Portraits
Friday, May 14 at 4pm EST
Register: https://hamilton.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJItcuihrz0vEtY85DhQ5yBlsOp5mSyYui8G

Join the Wellin Museum’s student docents and education staff for a virtual conversation and art-making activity centered around symbolism in self-portraits, inspired by a larger than life collage by artist Yashua Klos. Then, create your own speedy self-portrait and decorate it with magazine pictures that represent you!

Suggested materials:  Paper, Mirror (or Zoom camera), Pen/pencil, Magazines, Glue/tape, Scissors, Coloring supplies


*Onsite programming is suspended until further notice due to COVID-19.*