SUM Artists
Artists Decoding the Systems of Other Artists
September 14 — December 8, 2019

Matthew Deleget and Rossana Martinez
Artists and Independent Curators

Photo Credit

David Diao
Barnett Newman: The Paintings, 1992
Lithograph 22 3/4 × 42 in. (57.8 × 106.7 cm)
Gift of Michael Scott, Class of 1981



SUM Artists explores the work of several generations of artists who investigate and visualize artists, art-historical moments, and related aesthetic research primarily through charts, maps, and diagrams. The exhibition will feature new and historical paintings, drawings, and prints by artists including David Diao, Mary Beth Edelson, Alfred Jensen, George Maciunas, Loren Munk, Ward Shelley, and John Zinsser, among others.

Works included in SUM Artists examine and subjectively reimagine various subjects, such as Alfred Barr’s landmark chart Cubism and Abstract Art, which illustrates the development of Modern art (Ward Shelley); the Abstract Expressionist painter Barnett Newman’s unfinished paintings (David Diao); the growth of Fluxus and the expanded performing-arts movement between 1959 and 1966 (George Maciunas); artists and galleries in the postwar Los Angeles and San Francisco art scenes (Loren Munk); the emergence of the Feminist art movement in the early 1970s (Mary Beth Edelson); seminal New York City galleries and their affiliated artists from the 1960s to the 2000s (John Zinsser); and color systems as they relate to energy flow (Alfred Jensen).