Clinton Community Pool Dives Into Art

This summer the Wellin Museum collaborated with the Clinton Youth Foundation through the Jack Boynton Community Pool in the Village of Clinton to bring art into the community at large. Members of the pool and their families visited the Wellin Museum to take a trip back to the 1950s as part of the celebration of the Jack Boynton Community Pool's 58th year. Children discussed what makes art realistic or abstract and looked at objects and prints from that period. After viewing some of the art up close, the children created abstract doodle creatures. Everyone channeled their inner abstract artist and made some truly unique creations.

Following up to the initial event, the Wellin Museum visited the Jack Boynton Community Pool for a poolside make-and-take art project. Children and their families gathered around the art tent to design summertime bugs and dragonflies and lent their artistic talent for a group project that celebrates the summer-long collaboration between both organizations. This project will be unveiled at the end of the season and will be on display next year at the pool.

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