MVCA Kids Visit Wellin For a Day of Fun

On Friday, August 21st, 18 elementary school students, who were attending a 2-week summer camp at the Mohawk Valley Center for the Arts, boarded a bus for a visit to the Wellin Museum.  The kids spent their last day of camp exploring and learning about art. Upon their arrival, the group participated in a museum overview and tour. In addition to learning about our museum, students were introduced to the concept of negative and positive space. Moving into the archive hall, they were encouraged to apply their new knowledge to Greek vessels from our permanent collection. While students engaged with the work, counselors were provided with visual thinking strategies for the classroom back in Little Falls. Students were then given the chance to make their own pinch pots as inspired by our Southwestern Native American pottery pieces. With the help of some counselors, students molded masterpieces and articulated where they saw positive and negative space at work in their own art.

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