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Burke Library - 3rd Floor

859-4185 - fax

ITS Directory

Library Directory

Brown, Todd Programmer Analyst 4163 tbrown
Coyle, Ryan Desktop Systems Administrator 4722 rcoyle
Drew, John Programmer Analyst 4674 jdrew
Espe, Graham Lead Multimedia Systems Technician 4793 gespe
Fiore, Mary Programmer Analyst 4990 mfiore
Fondak, Theodore Educational Technologist 4033 tfondak
Forte, Christopher Desktop Systems Administrator 4123 cforte
Hale, Geoff Desktop Systems Administrator 4443 ghale
Hicks, Tim Director, Audiovisual Services 4790 thicks
Ingalls, John Network/Systems Administrator 4092 jingalls
Kwasniewski, Kathy Programmer Analyst 4172 kkwasnie
Lacelle, Linda Systems Analyst/Administrator 4994 llacelle
Lapinski, Terry Assistant to Vice President for Infomation Technology,
Technology Support Assistant
4352 tlapinsk
Maxam, Gretchen Desktop Systems Administrator 4096 gmaxam
Olsen, Bret Educational Technologist 4099 bolsen
Paul, Scott Senior Help Desk Support Specialist 4435 spaul
Quatrino, Jason Senior Web Developer 4956 jquatrin
Quayle, Debby Director, Help Desk & Training Services 4031 dquayle
Pashley, Geoff Senior Programmer Analyst 4274 gpashley
Reichler, Deborah Application Administrator 4082 dreichle
Reynolds, Nikki Director, Educational Technology Services 4091 nreynold
Roback, Dave Director, Network and Telecommunications Services 4987 droback
Rosenfield, Carl Educational Technologist 4088 crosenfi
Salzman, Ben Educational Technologist 4575 bsalzman
Schaffer, Karen Director, Desktop Integration Services 4051 kschaffe
Scoones, Maureen Associate Director, IT Process Improvement & Education 4178 mscoones
Simons, Janet Associate Director, Instructional Technology, Co-Director DHi 4424 jsimons
Skjellerup, Claire Coordinater, Audiovisual Services 4120 cskjelle
Smallen, David Vice President for Information Technology 4166 dsmallen
Sprague, Michael Director, Web Services 4087 msprague
Swartz, David Network/Systems Administrator 4918 dswartz
Sweeney, Martin Director, Central Information Services 4164 msweeney
Thomas, Ben Help Desk Support Specialist 4560 bjthomas
Thomas, Jesse Network/Systems Administrator 4211 jthomas
Thomson, Jim Web Developer 4868 jthomson
Warner, Forrest Multimedia Systems Technician 4076 fwarner
Wohnsen, Carl Multimedia Systems Technician 4231 cwohnsen
Young, Steve Unix/HPC System Administrator 4745 slyoung


Other ITS Contact Information

Main ITS Number 4169  
Burke Fax Machine 4185  
ITS Help Desk 4181
Audiovisual Services 4120
Central Information Services (Colleague) 5247
Computer Repair
(VITEC Solutions)
Desktop Integration Services (5DIS) 5347
Educational Techology Services 4877
Network Information 4050
Network Help Line (5NET) 5638
Web Services (4WEB) 4932

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