Institutional Research & Assessment

The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment is responsible for collecting, organizing, analyzing, and reporting historical and current data about Hamilton College and peer institutions to support college planning, assessment, and overall effectiveness. 

Current Projects & Activities

Here are some of the projects that the Office is working on this semester:

  • The new First-Years are just finishing up participating in their CIRP Freshman Survey.  The Freshman Survey seeks to provide a “snapshot” of the incoming class so that the College can better understand and meet the needs of each year's incoming first-year class.
  • Later in the semester, students will also be invited to participate in Before the JD, a study being led by the Association of American Law Schools.

View some of the other OIRA projects and activities in which we participate.

Contact Information

Office of Institutional Research and Assessment

315-859-4084 315-859-4677 oira@hamilton.edu
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