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Michael N. Castle ’61
(Economics) former U.S. Representative; former Governor of Delaware
W. Robert Connor ’56
(Greek and Latin) former President and CEO, The Teagle Foundation; former President and Director, National Humanities Center; appointed by President Clinton to the President's Committee on the Arts and Humanities
Stephen R. Foley ’84
(Creative Writing) former Commander, U.S. Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron (Blue Angels)
Carl Hayden ’63
(Asian Studies) former Chairman, State University of New York Board of Trustees; former Chancellor, New York State Board of Regents
Christina H. Pearson ’95
(English Literature) Senior Director of Public Relations, Microsoft Corporation; former Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services
Elihu Root 1864*
U.S. Senator, Secretary of War, Secretary of State and Winner of the 1912 Nobel Peace Prize
James S. Sherman 1878*
Vice President of the United States
David K. Smith ’79
(Geology) Nuclear Security Coordinator (Forensics), International Atomic Energy Agency
Gerrit Smith 1818*
Philanthropist and Leading Abolitionist
Tom Vilsack ’72
(History) President and CEO, U.S. Dairy Export Council; former U.S. Secretary of Agriculture; former Governor of Iowa; Democratic Candidate for President in 2008
Sara Redding Wilson K’72
(Mathematics) Director, Virginia Department of Human Resource Management
John B. Emerson ’75
(Government and Philosophy) former U.S. Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany
Michael Klosson ’71
(History and Public Policy) Vice President of Policy and Humanitarian Response, Save the Children Foundation; former U.S. Ambassador to Cyprus
Sol M. Linowitz ’35*
(German and Philosophy) Ambassador to the Organization of American States; Chairman of the Board of Xerox; Co-Negotiator of the Panama Canal Treaties; Recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom
Edward S. Walker, Jr. ’62
(Philosophy) former President and CEO, Middle East Institute; former U.S. Ambassador to Israel, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates
Robert Bernstock ’72
(History) President and Chief Executive Officer, USCI Company; former President, Mailing and Shipping Services, U.S. Postal Service; former President, Campbell Soup Company
David W. Blood ’81
(Economics and Psychology) Co-Founder and Senior Partner, Generation Investment Management; former CEO of Goldman Sachs Asset Management
William M. Bristol 1882*
Co-Founder, Bristol-Myers Co.
Zeena Freeman ’89
(History) COO, Shyp; former President, Black Diamond
Elbert O. Hand ’61
(Art) Co-CEO, Alister MacKenzie Apparel; retired Chairman and CEO, Hartmarx Corp
David P. Hess ’77
(Physics) Interim Chief Executive Officer of Arconic Inc., former CEO of Pratt & Whitney
Silas Keehn ’52
(Economics and Government) retired President, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
Kevin Kennedy ’70
(Art) former President and CEO, Metropolitan Opera; Chairman, Wallace Foundation; Retired General Partner/Managing Director, Goldman Sachs
William A. Kerr ’79
(Government and History) former CAO - Global Operations and Technology, Bank of New York Mellon; former Co-Chair Europe, Bank of New York
A.G. Lafley ’69
(French and History) former President and CEO, Procter & Gamble
Jack Levy ’75
(History and Government) Partner, Centerview Partners LLC; former Global Head, Mergers & Acquisitions Dept., Goldman Sachs
Dan Nye ’88
(Government) President and CEO, Rocketlawyer; former CEO, LinkedIn
Ronald Pressman ’80
(Biology) Chief Operating Officer, TIAA-CREF; former President and CEO, GE Real Estate
Philip R. Ruppel ’80
(Art History) President, McGraw-Hill Professional
Stephen Sadove ’73
(Government) Retired Chairman and CEO, Saks Fifth Avenue
Stuart L. Scott ’61
(English Literature) retired Chairman and CEO, Jones Lang LaSalle
Susan Skerritt K’78
(Economics and Spanish) Chairwoman, CEO and President, Deutsche Bank Trust Corporation
David Solomon ’84
(Government) President and Co-COO, Goldman Sachs
Ian Stewart ’83
(Economics) CEO, BNY Mellon Treasury Services, and Chairman, BNY Mellon Pennsylvania
Rachel Tischler ’92
(Theatre) Vice President of Entertainment Operations, USO
Jaime Yordan ’71
(Foreign Languages) Vice Chair, Citigroup Global Markets, Inc.; former Partner, Goldman Sachs
William M. Bristol 1882*
Co-Founder, Bristol-Myers Co.
Harlow Bundy 1877*
Founder, The Bundy Time Recording Company (consolidated into one of IBM's forerunners)
Blake Darcy ’78
(Government) Founder, DLJ Direct; former CEO, Formula Investing LLC
Leigh Keno ’79
(Art) Appraiser, Antiques Roadshow; President, Keno Auctions; recipient of the 2005 National Humanities Medal
William H. Masters ’38*
(English Literature) Co-Founder, Masters & Johnson Institute
Michael Mathres ’96
(Art and Economics) President, MOOTRAL at Zaluvida; Founder and Director, Climate Capital Network; recipient of the 2004 Millenium Prize for Social Entrepreneurship
Robert S. Morris ’76
(Economics) Founder and Managing Partner, Olympus Partners
Marc Randolph ’80
(Geology) Co-Founder, Netflix
Johannes Burlin ’87
(Economics) Managing Partner, Linden Life Science; former President, Silliker North America; former President and CEO, Advanced BioScience Laboratories, Inc. (working on AIDS vaccine)
Martin S. Hirsch ’60
(Biology) Physician and Professor of Medicine, Harvard University Medical School; former Director of AIDS Research, Massachusetts General Hospital
Christine Laine ’83
(Biology and Creative Writing) Editor, Annals of Internal Medicine (youngest in the journal's history)
B.F. Skinner ’26*
(English Literature) Behavioral Psychologist
Edward C. Taylor ’46
(Chemistry) The A. Barton Hepburn Professor of Chemistry Emeritus at Princeton University; research in organic compounds has resulted in the successful tumor-fighting drug Alimta
Nat Faxon ’97
(Theatre) Actor, Screenwriter, Director and 2012 Academy Award recipient for Best Adapted Screenplay for The Descendants
Deborah Forte K’75
(English Literature and Sociology) President, Silvertongue Films; former President, Scholastic Media
John Hester ’69
(Government) Senior Advisor, MGM; former Senior Executive Vice President, Orion Pictures
Eric Kuhn ’09
(Government) Marketing & Business Development, Layer3 TV
Paul Lieberstein ’89
(Economics) Writer, Producer and Actor, The Office (2006 Emmy for Best Comedy Series)
Sarah Rafferty ’93
(English Literature and Theatre) Actress, Suits (USA Network)
Thomas Tull ’92
(Government) Founder, Legendary Entertainment
Deirdre Fenton ’04
(Government) Producer, ESPN Films; 2016 Academy Award recipient for Best Documentary Feature for O.J. Made in America
Richard W. Couper ’44*
(History) former President, The New York Public Library; former President, The Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation
Steve Culbertson ’79
(English Literature and French) President and CEO, Youth Service America
Brian Gallagher ’98
(French) CEO, Reach Out and Read
John Hewko ’79
(Government and Russian Studies) CEO and General Secretary, Rotary International; Vice President, Millennium Challenge Corp.
Linda Johnson ’80
(American Studies) President and CEO, Brooklyn Public Library
David Kunselman ’66
CEO, World Development Teams; former CEO, Development of World Orphan Care, World Orphan Network
Joel MacCollam ’68
(German) President, World Emergency Relief; former CEO, A Child's Hope Fund
Robert Moses ’56
(Philosophy) Leader of the Civil Rights Movement; Founder and President, The Algebra Project
Nancy Roob ’87
(Comparative Literature) President, Edna McConnell Clark Foundation
David Weiss ’75
(Government) President and CEO, Global Communities (international development and humanitarian assistance organization)
John Kellogg Werner ’92
(Government) Vice President, Meta (augmented reality software); Founding Campus Director and former Managing Director, Citizen Schools
Samuel Hopkins Adams 1891*
Terry Brooks ’66
(English Literature) Fantasy Author, Shannara series, also author of the novelization of Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace
Peter Cameron ’82
(English Literature) Author, Andorra, The Weekend, The City of Your Final Destination, Coral Glynn
Jane Mason ’89
(Creative Writing) Writer/Editor of Children’s Books; former Senior Editor, LucasFilm
John Nichols ’62
(English Literature) Author, The Sterile Cuckoo
Kamila Shamsie ’94
(Creative Writing) Author, Salt and Saffron, Kartography, Broken Verses, Burnt Shadows
Christopher Whitcomb ’81
(History and English Literature) Author, Cold Zero and Black; former Special Agent, FBI
Stephanie Abarbanel ’73
(Literature) Independent Writing and Editing Professional; former Senior Articles Editor, Woman's Day
Henry Allen ’63
(English Literature) former Writer, The Washington Post; recipient of the 2000 Pulitzer Prize
Ellen Archer ’84
(French) President, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Trade Publishing
Marjory Abrams Edelston ’85
(English Literature and Psychology) EVP and Chief Content Officer, Boardroom Inc. and Bottom Line Publications
Fabio Freyre ’83
(Psychology) Vice President of Advertising, Facebook; former Group Vice President, Corporate Sales and Marketing, Time Inc.; former Publisher, Sports Illustrated
Margot Gilman ’81
(Literature), Money Editor, Consumer Reports, former Executive Editor, Prevention Magazine
Sir David Hayes ’81
(French) Owner, The Argian Press; Chevalier of the National Order of Merit by decree of the President of France
Stryker J. McGuire ’69
(Spanish) Senior Editor, Bloomberg Markets; former Editor, International Quarterly and Contributing Editor for Newsweek; former London Bureau Chief, Newsweek
Neal Pilson ’60
(History) President, Pilson Communications, Inc.; former Senior Vice President, CBS Broadcast Group; former President, CBS Sports
James P. Willse ’67
(English Literature) former Editor, Newark Star-Ledger (2005 Pulitzer Prize for local reporting of breaking news)
Alexander Woollcott 1909*
Drama Critic, The New York Times
Steve Wulf ’72
(English Literature) Founding Executive Editor, ESPN Magazine
Bill Harley ’77
(Religion) Storyteller/Musician/Author for Children; 2007 Grammy for “Best Spoken Word for Children”
Alexandra Alevizatos Kirtley ’93
(Art History) Montgomery-Garvan Curator of American Decorative Arts, Philadelphia Museum of Art
Thomas Meehan ’51
(English Literature) Playwright, Ain’t Broadway Grand, Annie, Space Balls, Rocky the Musical; 2001 Tony Award for The Producers and 2003 Tony for Hairspray
Richard Nelson ’72
(Religion) Playwright, Some Americans Abroad
Cameron “Kip ” Paine ’94
(History) Vocalist with Chanticleer; recipient of 2000 Best Small Ensemble Grammy for Colors of Love
Michael Shapiro ’72
(Art and History) Director Emeritus, High Museum of Art
Josh Simpson ’72
world-renowned glass sculptor
Melinda Wagner ’79
(Music) Composer; 1999 Pulitzer Prize in Music Composition
Francis F. Baker ’36*
(Science) Reserve Goalie, 1936 U.S. Olympic Bronze Medal Hockey Team
Guy Hebert ’89
(Art) former Goalie, Anaheim Mighty Ducks; 1998 U.S. Olympic Hockey Team
Jim Rushton ’92
(Economics) Chief Revenue Officer, Los Angeles Chargers
William E. Smith ’80
(French) Assistant to the President & CEO, Minor League Baseball; former Senior Vice President/General Manager, Minnesota Twins
Gillian Zucker ’90
(Creative Writing and Religion) President of Business Operations, Los Angeles Clippers; former President, Auto Club Speedway of Southern California

Note: The major did not exist until well into the 20th century; most graduates simply received the A.B. degree

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