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    The $400 million campaign to provide students with a life-altering education.

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Legendary Hamilton professor Sidney Wertimer once said, “It’s a small world, and Hamilton is at the center of it.”

The lessons learned and connections made on College Hill last well beyond a student’s four years; they last a lifetime. Hamiltonians go on to do great things, and the dedication they have for their alma mater runs deep. As volunteers, advocates, and donors, alumni ensure that future generations of students have access to the life-changing experiences that a Hamilton education offers.


Learn about the many ways to stay engaged with Hamilton. The power of the network is in the people and in their love of Hamilton.


Many alumni give generously of their time to support Hamilton and current students.


The Because Hamilton campaign will enable us to fulfill the promises we make to our extraordinary students.

Alumni News


New Alumni Leaders

Three alumni trustees — Kathleen Corsi ’82, P’23, Monique Lui Holloway ’87, P’14,’18, and Marc Randolph ’81 — and new Alumni Association President John Christopher ’83, P’14 began terms on July 1.

Joseph Frascella '80

Because Hamiltonians Explore the Brain: Joseph Frascella ’80

Neuroscientist Joseph Frascella ’80 developed his research vision and inspiration during his early days at Hamilton.


Hamilton Mourns the Death of Life Trustee David Mason ’61

In a message to the Hamilton community on Aug. 11, President David Wippman shared news of the death of life trustee David Mason ’61.

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Support from our dedicated alumni, parents, and friends is gratefully acknowledged.


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The $400 million campaign to provide students with a life-altering education.

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