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After four years on College Hill, you will be well prepared to pursue a graduate degree or enter the work force.
Careers and Graduate Schools

Careers and Graduate Schools

Hamilton is the perfect size for our students to get personalized attention from faculty advisors and Career Center professionals as they consider careers and grad school options.



Nine in 10 of our seniors report having at least one career-­related experience prior to graduating; more than seven in 10 have two.

Fellowships & Scholarships

Fellowships and Scholarships

Each year our students compete favorably for some of the country’s most prestigious and competitive national fellowships and scholarships.

The Hamily

The #Hamily

Whether it’s an alumnus returning to campus to hold a career workshop or making a quick introduction, the Hamilton Network is an invaluable resource.

2019 10 Under 10
Young Alumni

10 Under 10

Ten talented alumni who graduated in last 10 years.

After Graduation

Promises Kept

Three recent graduates — a former soldier who created a foundation to bring threatened Iraqi interpreters to America, a community organizer and fundraiser at MIT, and a teaching artist in Boston — talk about the promise Hamilton made to them.

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