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Hamilton’s arts programs are not just for artists; they’re inclusive, and that makes them distinctive.

The purpose of the arts is not merely to develop the talents of students who major in and plan careers in these fields; it is also to integrate creative work and performance into learning and life on College Hill. After all, students should have meaningful exposure to the arts if they are to be educated fully.

Wellin Museum Exhibition

Michael Rakowitz: Nimrud

Iraqi-American visual artist Michael Rakowitz has been commissioned to recreate Room H from the Northwest Palace of the ancient Assyrian city of Nimrud (Kalhu), constructed by Ashurnasirpal II between 883 and 859 BCE.
Open by appointment beginning October 19.

Fillius Jazz Archive
Legends Preserved

Fillius Jazz Archive

The Fillius Jazz Archive features more than 300 interviews with jazz greats. Transcripts, audio tracks and videos from the oral history interviews are available online.

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