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  • Performing Arts Series

    World-class professional performances are presented in Wellin Concert Hall.

    Wellin Hall
  • Wellin Museum of Art

    Discover the arts through groundbreaking exhibitions and engaging programming.

    Wellin Museum of Art staircase
  • Digital Arts & Technology

    Develop digital fluencies and skills necessary to work effectively in a globally connected world.

    Aesthetic Discernment & Creativity

    Two of the College’s eight educational goals focus on the arts.

Hamilton’s arts programs are not just for artists; they’re inclusive, and that makes them distinctive.

The purpose of the arts is not merely to develop the talents of students who major in and plan careers in these fields; it is also to integrate creative work and performance into learning and life on College Hill. After all, students should have meaningful exposure to the arts if they are to be educated fully.

Discover the Arts

Kennedy Arts Center

Step inside the bustling Kevin and Karen Kennedy Center for Theatre and the Studio Arts, the most recent component added to Hamilton’s dynamic arts neighborhood.

F----ing A

Behind the Scenes: Spring Theatre Production

“If you were to ask me to describe my life in three words, I would say “music and theatre” without a second thought. But often, my two interests remain somewhat separated; a musician exists in an ensemble, and acting is at home in a staged play. So, when the opportunity to do both at once presents itself, I grasp onto it as soon and as long as I can.” — Alyssa Samuels ’25, musical director

Virtual Tour screenshot of the Kennedy Arts Centers

Explore Our Arts Neighborhood

Take a virtual tour and see 360 photos and videos of the Hamilton spaces devoted to the arts.

Fillius Jazz Archive

Established in 1995, the Fillius Jazz Archive has earned a reputation as a resource for music historians and casual jazz buffs alike.

Fillius Jazz Archive

Hidden Gems: Listen to Interviews on YouTube

A visit to the Archive will introduce you to a cornucopia of recordings from Edison Diamond discs to classic jazz LPs, and a collection of memorabilia from the estate of singer Joe Williams H’88. Yet those treasures are only the opening act for the true spotlight of the collection — 400+ video interviews that together form an oral history of jazz from the Big Band Era to today’s contemporary sounds.

Fillius Jazz Archive

Frank Alkyer, publisher of Downbeat magazine, shares his thoughts in Swinging for 25 Years

“In addition to insights into making a career as a musician, interviews in the Jazz Archive include stories of life on the road and in the active New York City recording scene as well as race relations (past and present) in jazz.”

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