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Hamilton’s open curriculum gives you the freedom to choose courses that reflect your interests, while still fulfilling the faculty’s expectation that you study broadly across the liberal arts. But with freedom comes responsibility to meet the high expectations our faculty will have for you as a critical and creative thinker, writer and speaker.

Academic Opportunities

As a student at Hamilton you’ll work closely with a faculty advisor to create an individualized plan of study specific to your interests and goals. That plan may include studying abroad, doing independent research or pursuing a multitude of other academic opportunities.
*Minor only, **Not offered as a major or minor

Bianca Buonaguro

Off-Campus Study

Our international and domestic off-campus study programs will provide you with new perspectives and new ways to challenge yourself. About two-thirds of our students study off campus before graduating.

Student Internship

Career Planning

Whether you decide, after four years, to pursue a graduate degree or enter the work force, you will be prepared for a lifetime of meaning and purpose.

Especially at a college like mine with an open curriculum, students take classes in areas in which they’re genuinely interested. Even better, professors are genuinely interested in their students and want us to enjoy what we’re learning.

Alan Yeh ’18—

in an op-ed for theodysseyonline.com

Hamilton Communicates

Hamilton College has earned a national reputation for teaching students to communicate clearly, because our faculty believe writing well and speaking well are evidence of one’s ability to think well.

Featured Student

Kyandreia Jones ’19

Creative Writing Major

Choose Your Own Adventure

Write Thyself

Kyandreia Jones ’19, who recently had her first book published, says Hamilton expanded and strengthened her writing skills. Her first book, Spies: James Armistead Lafayette, was picked up by the Choose Your Own Adventures children’s series and hit the bookshelves on May 1.

Jones has always been on a creative path, writing fiction since she was in fourth grade because she was tired of reading about people who did not look or sound like her. Though she often explores personal themes of mental health, family dynamics and love, Jones looked to history for inspiration for Spies.

“I was constantly inspired by the wackiness of history when I started writing this story back in December 2017,” Jones said. “Did you know that there were black spies during the American Revolution? Did you know that Marquis de Lafayette detested the idea of slavery? Did you know that George Washington was over 6 feet tall and that he was an excellent dancer? I had no idea how interesting, bizarre and hilarious history was until I was asked to write this book. I still marvel at all the facts I learned.

In a departure from previous medium, length, style and subject matter, Jones hopes to engage with not only young readers, but with anyone who has a hankering to make change.

“I hope children learn that, if given the opportunity, they have what it takes to make the world better and kinder to them,” Jones said.

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