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The Hamilton curriculum is about forging creative connections. If it doesn’t offer what you need, with faculty guidance you may design an interdisciplinary major that fits your needs precisely. Imagine the possibilities; say, for instance, Hispanic studies/women's studies/computer science or philosophy/mathematics/dance. It can happen at Hamilton.

About the Major

Hamilton’s liberal arts curriculum dispenses with core courses and encourages academic freedom of choice. That allows most students to pursue their interests in a traditional major or concentration, where they can focus on a particular topic while exploring many other fields. Occasionally, however, students have interests and needs that are different or highly specialized. In such instances, they may work with members of the faculty to create their own concentration. Learn more about declaring an interdisciplinary concentration.

My major is truly interdisciplinary; although music and anthropology make up most of the courses I’m taking, I’m also taking literature and American Studies courses. I also took art, science and communications courses during my freshman year.

Jake Meserve Blount — interdisciplinary concentrator

Careers After Hamilton

  • Community Development Director, Saratoga Springs N.Y.
  • Project Associate, Innovations for Poverty Action, Nairobi
  • Advisor, TCI Wealth Advisors, Inc.
  • Chief of Dermatology, Columbia University
  • Principal & Managing Director, Studios Architecture
  • Teacher, Teach for America

Contact Information

Interdisciplinary Concentration Department

198 College Hill Road
Clinton, NY 13323
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