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  • Writing Center

    Resources and individual writing conferences that help students become better writers at every level

    Oral Communication Center

    Individual and group consultations designed to sharpen your oral communication skills

  • Digital Resources

    Find experts and digital tools at Burke Library's Research and Design Studio.

  • Levitt Public Affairs Center

    Engage in public affairs through research, service-learning, lectures, and practice

    Levitt Center Mural
Hamilton offers a rigorous academic program supported by dozens of curricular and cocurricular resources to help ensure students’ success on campus and after they leave College Hill. How do you know what services to access, and when? Who can help you navigate all the different options available to you?
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  • ALEX Advisors

    ALEX Advisor iconYour first point of contact for many questions, your ALEX advisor will introduce you to the resources, services, and programs that will support you throughout your four years

  • Career Advisors

    career advising iconYour career advisor works with you throughout your four years, helping you identify skills and interests and explore career options

  • Faculty Academic Advisors

    faculty advising iconYour faculty advisor will focus with you on your top priority — your academic program — working closely with you to create an educational plan matched to your interests, strengths, and goals

  • Fellowship Advising

    fellowship advising iconHamilton’s student fellowships coordinator will guide you through the application process for undergraduate and postgraduate study, travel, research, and independent projects

  • Health Professions Advising

    health professions advising iconThe health professions advisor can provide you with information and guidance in preparation in postgraduate study in medicine, dentistry, or another health profession

  • International Student Support

    international student support iconThe coordinator for international student services can identify the appropriate resource in the areas of language, writing, cultural adjustment, or in specific subject areas that may present a new challenge

  • Opportunity Programs (OP)

    opportunity programs iconResources include academic counseling, transition support, and tutorials for students who present an alternate academic profile

  • Prelaw Advising

    prelaw advising iconStudents interested in entering law school are advised and assisted by the Prelaw Committee composed of faculty members and the associate director of the Career Center

  • Preprofessional Advising

    engineering, business, architecture iconSpecial advising exists for students interested in engineering, business, or architecture as a career

  • Accessibility

    accessibility iconAssistant Dean of Students for Accessibility Allen Harrison coordinates individualized accommodations and support services for any student who has a documented need

  • Language Center

    language center iconSupplements language curricula through direct technology-driven academic course support and peer tutoring

  • Library & Information Technology Services

    library & information technology services iconA variety of services ranging from computing advice to personalized assistance with major research projects. Professional staff and peer tutors provide guidance in using library resources, creating multimedia presentations and more

  • Multilingual Student Support

    multilingual student support iconPersonalized language instruction and academic tutoring for students who identify as multilingual

  • OP Academic Center for Excellence

    op academic center for excellence iconThe Academic Center for Excellence provides students with individual or group coaching to build study skills, help with coursework, grammar review and English conversation tables

  • Oral Communication Center

    oral communication center iconIndividual and group consultations, workshops, and speaking competitions designed to sharpen oral communication across the curriculum

  • Quantitative & Symbolic Reasoning Center

    quantitative & symbolic reasoning center iconDrop-in, group, and individual tutoring services for introductory courses that meet Hamilton’s QSR requirement

  • Writing Center

    writing center iconResources and individual writing conferences that help students become better writers at every level and in every discipline

  • Career-Related Experiences

    career-related experiences iconHamilton offers numerous options for internships and research that provide important ways to explore careers

  • Community Outreach & Opportunity Project (COOP)

    community outreach and opportunity project iconThe COOP sponsors community service opportunities, connecting Hamilton students with non-profit agencies in the Mohawk Valley

  • Days-Massolo Center (DMC)

    days-massolo center iconThe DMC serves as a resource for exploring intersections between gender, race, culture, religion, sexuality, ability, socioeconomic class, and other facets of human difference

  • Faculty-Led Experiential Learning

    faculty-led experiential learning iconTaking what you learn in the classroom and applying it to real-world setting enhances your skills and helps guide the path you’ll choose after graduation

  • Global Learning (Off-Campus Study)

    off-campus study iconOur international and domestic off-campus study programs will provide you with new perspectives and new ways to challenge yourself. About two-thirds of our students study off campus before graduating

  • Humanities Center

    humanities center iconA resource that supports collaborative thinking, teaching, and research across the disciplines in the Humanities and beyond

  • Levitt Public Affairs Center

    levitt public center iconA resource for students interested in developing the knowledge and skills needed to understand and address persistent social problems in innovative, effective, and ethical ways

  • Residential Learning

    residential learning iconAs a residential liberal arts college, Hamilton recognizes and values the learning opportunities that occur when living with peers in a small community

  • Student Activities & Leadership Development

    student activities and leadership development iconAs the leader of a student organization you’ll participate in basic leadership training and develop communication, budgeting, event-planning, and problem-solving skills

  • Wellin Museum of Art

    wellin museum of art iconThe Wellin Museum is a teaching tool and laboratory where students develop critical thinking and aesthetic discernment skills that serve them throughout their lives

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