Hill Card

The Hill Card serves as your:

  • meal plan card
  • library card
  • door access card
    (residence hall exterior doors, all night reading room in Burke Library, Days-Massolo Center, Sadove Student Center, Kennedy Center for Theatre and Studio Arts, Kirner-Johnson, Science Center)
  • ID for entrance to fitness center

on-campus debit card

The Hill Card can be used for purchases at:

  • Bookstore
  • Cafe Opus I and II
  • Euphoria Smoothies at Sadove Student Center
  • Food purchases not included in your meal plan
  • Laundry, Vending, and Public Copiers
  • Mail Center and Print Shop
  • PaperCut (to add funds to PaperCut quota - students only)


The deposit tool for the Hill Card is eAccounts. It is easy to use and offers many useful options.
  • Ability to freeze and unfreeze your lost or stolen Hill Card
  • Ability to view Board plan transaction history
  • Allows cardholders to safely store credit card information for ease of depositing and enables scheduled and recurring deposits to the Hill Card
  • eAccounts mobile aps available for Apple phones/tablets and Android phones
Log-in Process
  • Students and employees should use their Hamilton College user name and network password to log in to eAccounts
  • Guest depositors need to type in the e-mail address of the Hill Card holder when making a deposit to the student's account

Card Replacement

If you lose your card, you should immediately “freeze” your card online.  Also, report it to Auxiliary Services.  More ...

 If you have any questions about the Hill Card, please call 315-859-4271 or 315-859-4974.

Contact Information

Amber Denny

Hill Card Office
Bristol Center
315-859-4271 or 315-859-4974 315-859-4300 hillcard@hamilton.edu
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