Information for Parents

The deposit tool parents use to deposit funds to student Hill Cards is known as eAccounts
  • Parents can access the deposit page from the link on the Hill Card page
  • Once there, select  the "Make a Guest Deposit" link at the bottom of the page
  • Guest depositors should then type in the e-mail address of the Hill Card holder
  • eAccounts mobile aps available for Apple phones/tablets and Android phones

The Hill Card is your student's identification card, meal plan card, residence hall access card, library card, and campus debit card.

Door Access

The Hill Card is a NFC chip and proximity card that provides access to the exterior doors of residence halls without having to slide the card through a reader.  This system makes exterior residence hall keys obsolete.  Students also have after-hours access to some of the other buildings on campus with card access.

Debit Card

The All-Campus Account is a prepaid, stored-value account that is part of the Hill Card.  It is the convenient, cashless way to pay for purchases on campus.
Two prepaid options are available - All Campus Account (good at all locations where the Hill Card is accepted) or College Store Account (good for purchases at the College Bookstore only).

See Hill Card terms and conditions for additional information.

Manage Account Online

Your student's Hill Card account can be accessed online.  This access enables them to deactivate their card when lost, reactivate the card when found, add money to their account and view their account history.

Laundry Access

All residence hall washers and dryers accept the Hill Card only. 

Vending Machines

Campus vending machines will accept the Hill Card.  Snack or beverage machine repairs/refunds can be directed to hillcard@hamilton.edu, 315-859-4974 or call the service number listed on the machines.

Copy Machines

Public copiers (located in Burke Library and Kirner-Johnson) will accept the Hill Card.  To use the public copiers on campus a student must have funds in their Hill Card account.

Mail Center and Print Shop

The Hill Card can be used for personal purchases at both locations.

If you have any questions about the Hill Card, please call 315-859-4271 or 315-859-4974.

Contact Information

Amber Denny

Hill Card Office
Bristol Center
315-859-4271 or 315-859-4974 315-859-4300 hillcard@hamilton.edu
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